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I wish I lived at a place like that
And watch the starry sky at nite
And pick up flowers every day
And heard the birds every morning
And heard the crickets every night
And eat organic food everyday
And swim everyday in the lake
And not bing molested by someone or something
And being happy.

Today I was really mad...

today was horrible...

I woke up super early and arrive work super early...

And my legs, my right hand and my back hurt like hell, because my bones are to sensitive about cold...

All I wanted was SLEEP


Life is cruel :(

The only good thing about today is that I looked super stylish and super skinny dressed all in black <3
wearing my brown fav cardigan and steve madden boots :D

And that I spent all the day listen to Led Zeppelin at work <3

Looking stylish and listen to my fav band makes me happy <3
Tags: led zeppelin, nature, quejandome de mi pinche vida
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