bogieepop (bogieepop) wrote,

It must be so nice to be loved

Today I spent the whole damn day thinking about Daul Kim. Why? Well she killed herself today two years ago.

It is for me imposible not think about her today, because I really admire, respect and lover her. I've read her whole blog at least 5 times trying to figure out why someone like her (rich, beautiful, cool, PERFECT) would want to kill herself. I failed at trying to understand her reason but instead my love and admiration for her have grown in an obssesive way to the point of turn her my biggest inspiration and muse.

And its just that sometimes I wonder, if a perfect person like her killed herself what can expect from life a little sucky like me? Maybe I just love her because she is everything I would like to be but still she was depressed and miserable like me, so I think that even if my whole life would be nice and perfect I still would be miserable and unhappy.

Anyway, I just wish now that her soul is in peace and happy. I love you Daul 'till forever <3

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Tags: blah, daul kim, diary, via ljapp
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